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What if they want to change your contract?

Chris owns a company that rents equipment on a short-term basis. He recently bought some front-loaders that need his company logo printed on them before renting.

He found Beth, a graphic artist, for the job and sent her his contract. Beth asked for changes to the payment terms, to delete the warranty and make the limit on liability mutual.

Chris has no idea if these changes mean a significant risk or if they’re minor revisions that don’t affect the benefit of the deal.

This is the time to consult with a lawyer who knows contracts. I know when a requested change is no big deal or a contract trap in disguise. In this case, each of those changes changed the deal in a big way. Understanding the effect helped Chris make a more informed decision.

When thinking about a business deal, there will always be some things you like and some things you dislike about the deal. Call me to help you reach a decision.

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