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Fee Schedule*

Osensky Law is for the business client looking for an exceptional level of experience and education; not "copy and paste" high-volume law firm. The following rates reflect individualized attention to the client and the details of the matter.
Contract Review (existing contract or lease): 
Basic Review: $50 per page
  • Review of contract and up to 30-minute consultation after review to discuss comments

  • Not included: edits or negotiation with the other party

Detailed Review: $145 per page
  • Review of contract and detailed section-by-section written comments with redlined tracked changes

  • Includes up to 30-minute consultation after review to discuss questions and one follow-up revision after the consultation

  • Not included: negotiation with the other party or subsequent edits

Contract Drafting (new contract or lease):
Simple Document: $750
  • Generally 1 or 2 pages

  • Examples: Basic Confidentiality Agreement (non-M&A), Bill of Sale, Disclaimer

Mid-Level Document: $1750

  • Generally 2-5 pages

  • Examples: Consulting Agreement, Service or Product Agreement (sale or purchase), Independent Contractor Agreement, Employment Agreement

Complex Document: $4500 and up

  • Generally longer than 5 pages

  • Examples: Business Purchase Agreement, Distribution Agreement, Commercial Lease, Software License, "as-a-service" Agreement, Outsourcing Agreement

Business Entity and Corporate:

Legal Advice on Setup of LLC or Corporation: $750 
(Osensky Law does not register legal entities)
  • Consultation on the choice of jurisdiction and entity

  • Business Name Availability Check

  • Discuss how to file your own registration with the Secretary of State

  • Legal advice on organizational setup and operations

  • Organizing Resolutions

Founders Agreement: $800 per "partner"
  • Includes detailed interviews of involved partners, customized and detailed agreement suitable to partner needs, and consultation time
  • Examples: Operating, Shareholder, Joint Venture or Partnership Agreement 
Bylaws for a Corporation: $950

*Disclaimer: Osensky Law LLC is not your lawyer unless and until you sign an engagement agreement which will include all fee details. Prices listed in the Fee Schedule are not guaranteed and may vary based on complexity of the particular situation.

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