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Tanya Osensky

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People have always told me that I talk less like other lawyers and more like a regular person they can actually understand. Maybe it's my modest upbringing or the fact that I'm an immigrant.  Originally from Riga, Latvia, my mother and I arrived in the United States as refugees when I was 10 years old, with no money and without speaking a word of English.


But don't let this fool you. I've been prepared with over 25 years of legal practice in some of the most sophisticated places, and an education from top universities. Since earning my undergraduate degree from Emory University and a law degree from Tulane Law School, I worked as in-house counsel for multinational companies Georgia-Pacific and MCI. 


Besides being educated in excellent schools and working in billion-dollar corporate environments, I also worked in a top-tier research university, Georgia Tech, and the state government. And having been in senior management ranks, I understand that every dollar you spend comes off your bottom line. That's why I focus on solutions that avoid future problems while saving both time and money. 

After a long career working in the corporate world, I started Osensky Law in 2017 to bring my practical approach and experience to smaller and mid-sized companies. Today, I enjoy advising clients on starting a new business, buying or selling a small business, and doing business with contracts. 


Because of my extensive in-house counsel experience, I'm more of a business person in a lawyer's body. And, as a business owner myself, I can relate to my clients and understand the challenges they face. I bring to them the world of big corporate expertise and education to deliver the kind of legal support a business wants and needs - not just technically correct legal advice, but strategic problem-solving with a focus on providing business value. 

To discuss a your company's legal needs

My Business Role Model

Thank You so much for taking the time to PATIENTLY talk with me. Now I understand your fee structure because you helped me to properly understand the importance of structuring my business.


To know just some of your life story and you alone is inspiring. You have been a blessing in more ways than you can imagine. Now I believe my dreams are possible. I also keep repeating to myself now, “I am going to be a Great Company” because you WILL be my Legal Advisor. You are truly amazing

- B. Williams, Confidential Company

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