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Like having your own lawyer on staff

Tanya prides herself on making you feel like you are her only client. Think if your company was big enough that you had your own lawyer on staff.

- Richard M.

President, confidential company

Excellent legal resource

Tanya returned my initial phone call in a very prompt timeframe which was a differentiator as a start!

Her expertise & advice on refreshing all our agreements was invaluable and strengthened the business in various ways. The updates and changes we implemented based on her advice has added a level of confidence to our operations in knowing that we are current and protected on important matters. She is open to discussion and explained anything that needed more detail as to why it supported our overall goals. I would recommend Tanya as an excellent legal resource to anyone and I appreciate the command she demonstrates in her field tremendously.

- Marika Ponton
President, Office Angels

Effective, Practical and Experienced

Tanya is the epitome of effective, practical, and experienced. As a small business owner, I have found her guidance invaluable, her pricing more than reasonable, and her professionalism above top-notch. In fact, I now refer her services to my clients and she has become my go-to resource for anything related to business and contract law. I would recommend Tanya without hesitation.

- Natasha Ganem, PhD

President, Lion Leadership, LLC

I felt well prepared for negotiations.

I really valued your no‐nonsense approach, the clear recommendations you made and the explanations for why the changes were important. I felt well‐prepared to negotiate with our new landlord because you armed me with both what to request and what is typical for commercial leases.

I especially appreciated the prioritization of the issues, making it easy for us to focus on the most important changes. At the end of negotiations, our new landlord pushed back on only one of the sixteen changes we requested. It will be my pleasure to recommend you to my colleagues.

- Jill Pullen

Owner, Excelovation

I would recommend Tanya to anyone.

I was referred to Tanya for legal counsel in drafting new agreements and templates for my consulting business. During our work together she not only drafted templates that were helpful and flexible for day-to-day business, but she consulted on a couple specific situations to ensure both my integrity and business goals were met.  Tanya is thoughtful, honest and also fast!  She is down to earth and able to work through any challenges that may arise with realistic solutions that have integrity at their core! 

- Kai Bailey

President, Pathways 2 Impact Consulting, LLC

Solid Contract


I wanted to thank you for designing a contract that a customer had ZERO changes to! This is a first and it's all due to you writing a solid contract. Thank you again.

- Joanna Pera

CEO, Powered by Pera Consulting, LLC

Helpful, Fast, Thorough.


Tanya helped my business partner and I in a "start-up" company. She was flexible with our schedules and gave us the guidance we needed legally. All we had to do was tell her what we wanted to accomplish, and she knew all the prerequisites to getting us started fast. In fact Tanya went above and beyond the legal necessities required by offering suggestions. As a final courtesy, she followed-up to be sure everything was done that we needed. Very professional, reliable, and friendly.

- Thomas Rosenberger

President, A-Team Mobile Car Wash

My Business Role Model

Thank You so much for taking the time to PATIENTLY talk with me. Now I understand your fee structure because you helped me to properly understand the importance of structuring my business.


To know just some of your life story and you alone is inspiring. You have been a blessing in more ways than you can imagine. Now I believe my dreams are possible. I also keep repeating to myself now, “I am going to be a Great Company” because you WILL be my Legal Advisor. You are truly amazing

- B. Williams, Confidential Company

A Great Partner!


Thank you for your support during the sale of my company! I appreciate your patience with me during this stressful time. I've been so fortunate to have you working with me, I couldn't have made it without you. I hope to spend more time making pottery in my retirement.

-  Geri Hand

President, Lagniappe Resources, Inc.

Clear, Actionable Advice


I recently had the pleasure of working with Osensky Law as we navigated the complexities of drafting our business agreements for 2024. From the outset, Tanya impressed me with her thorough approach to understanding our needs and objectives. Her ability to ask insightful questions and provide clear, actionable advice was invaluable in shaping our agreements to be both robust and fair.

Tanya demonstrated an impressive grasp of current legal practices and was adept at advising on the language of our agreements to ensure they we
re up-to-date and aligned with our business interests. What set Tanya apart was not just her legal expertise, but her commitment to being available and responsive. Throughout our collaboration, Tanya was always ready to assist, offer clarification, or make adjustments based on our discussions.

Her professionalism, coupled with a genuine interest in our business’s success, made working with Tanya a truly beneficial partnership. I am confident in her guidance and would highly recommend her services to any business looking for legal assistance that is both effective and conscientiously delivered.

- Marc Apple

Founder, Forward Push Media, LLC

A happy client; music to my ears.

I wanted to take this opportunity to formally thank you, and express my sincerest appreciation for your consultation and work in a divorce matter I recently handled. I knew how efficiently you worked from my own personal experience, but you took a situation where I lost sleep at night, and made me confident that my client is protected. 

After you drafted the new operating agreement, my client sent me an email in which she said "The operating agreement has been finalized and I am thrilled with how much power I will have with this new agreement."

Your expertise and knowledge of the law is profound; I learn new things from you in every conversation we have. Thank you for helping on this case, and ensuring the best result for my client.

- Kelly Reese, Family Law Attorney

Burney & Reese

Huge help to my start-up! Knowledgeable, responsive, thorough.

When I launched my design & communications firm Red Berry, Tanya Osensky was my first call for legal services. I needed to incorporate and to compose a sturdy client contract in easy-to-read English. Fifteen years later, I am still using the contract she wrote! Tanya is always insightful, concise, and very willing to answer my questions. She holds herself to the highest level of integrity. And she has my full confidence in handling legal matters. I enthusiastically recommend her services.

- Terri Fuller

President, Red Berry Creative

Prompt and Professional Attorney.

I am pleased to recommend Tanya Osensky as a business attorney. She is one of the most prompt and professional attorneys that I have had the privilege to work with. Tanya is patient and is willing to coach her clients through difficult situations, even if it means helping them write the email. 

Tanya's uncanny attention to detail with her ability to work with her clients as a team member, makes her someone that I would recommend. 

- Matthew Underwood

CEO, Premier Performance and Physical Therapy, LLC



You are the BEST! The independent contractor agreement you created  has actually boosted my business because we are so very clear on roles and responsibilities now.  Thank you.

- Susan L. Morley

President, Parent Coach Atlanta, LLC

Pleasure to Work With

Tanya has been a pleasure to work with.  She listens, provides guide advice and delivers outstanding work.  She is the “Legal Advisor to Great Companies”. 

- Scott Siegel

Founding Partner, Beacon Sales Advisors

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