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Our Business Model

Your CFO will love it.

Focus on Value.

Osensky Law is run like your own business: cost-effective, practical, and client-focused.  This efficient, no frills business model allows Osensky Law to provide top-tier quality at very competitive rates. Most services are provided on fixed-fee basis because no one likes surprise bills. We will discuss and agree exactly what the services will cost in advance.

No Legalese.


Legal advice and documents should be written with the audience in mind: not judges or other lawyers, but the business people who will be reading and using them. You deserve clear, practical advice and documents drafted in plain English, so you can make better business decisions.

The Difference.


Osensky Law is different because Tanya Osensky's experience comes from working inside the business, rather than an outside firm. 

Why does that matter? Because in-house lawyers are like the fireproofing in a building.  You don't see it, you may not even know it's there, but it's silently working around the clock to protect you. And it's not until a fire threatens to break out that you appreciate its value.

While law firms train lawyers to handle litigation after a dispute already happened, in-house lawyers are trained to identify, analyze and address risks that could later turn into expensive litigation. Their work is preventative, so it often goes unnoticed. After all, it's hard to appreciate the disaster that didn't happen, the crisis that was averted, the lawsuit that never materialized. While it's not as visible as winning a lawsuit, the impact is immeasurable. This behind-the-scenes work protects and enables your business.

Here's another way to break it down:

Traditional Law Firm Approach

  • See only the risk; fail to understand that people make money off of risk

  • Think that the only solution to risk is to modify terms; waste time and money focusing on issues that are too remote to really matter

  • Protect their own liability exposure by avoiding giving advice on tough "business decisions"

  • Motivated to bill more hours by unnecessarily prolonging and over-complicating matters

Osensky Law Approach

  • Work to understand not just the client's business, but also the client's risk tolerance and how the business handles risks

  • Understand what really matters in a deal and what’s the likelihood that something can go wrong

  • Know that all decisions in a transaction are business decisions

  • Use fixed fees to incentivize efficiency and ensure that the focus stays on what really matters

Clear, Actionable Advice


I recently had the pleasure of working with Osensky Law as we navigated the complexities of drafting our business agreements for 2024. From the outset, Tanya impressed me with her thorough approach to understanding our needs and objectives. Her ability to ask insightful questions and provide clear, actionable advice was invaluable in shaping our agreements to be both robust and fair.

Tanya demonstrated an impressive grasp of current legal practices and was adept at advising on the language of our agreements to ensure they were up-to-date and aligned with our business interests. What set Tanya apart was not just her legal expertise, but her commitment to being available and responsive. Throughout our collaboration, Tanya was always ready to assist, offer clarification, or make adjustments based on our discussions.

Her professionalism, coupled with a genuine interest in our business’s success, made working with Tanya a truly beneficial partnership. I am confident in her guidance and would highly recommend her services to any business looking for legal assistance that is both effective and conscientiously delivered.

- Marc Apple

Founder, Forward Push Media, LLC

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