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Customer Contracts: A Vital Step in Starting Your Business Journey

I once had a client who was setting up a new business. He was so focused on getting his business up and running that he didn't think too much about the legal side of things. He didn't have a customer contract template and wasn't sure what he needed to cover in the contract.

One day, he was talking with a new client and didn't have a contract ready. They agreed to move forward without a contract, as it was just a small project. Unfortunately, the project ended up taking longer than anticipated and there were disagreements about the scope of work. The client ended up being unhappy with the work and refused to pay the full amount.

It was a tough lesson to learn.

To prevent this from happening again, we worked together to create a customer contract template. I helped talk through various scenarios, not just the one he already experienced.

No contract can cover all potential "what ifs." But they can anticipate the most common roadblocks and steer around them.

And it's important to remember that a contract is not set in stone, but rather a living document that can be updated as needed.

Entrepreneurs starting a new business often wear many hats, and it can be challenging to anticipate every possible scenario. It's like reading a "choose your own adventure" book - you never know what's behind door #2.

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