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Picking a Name for your LLC

A new client, excited to launch her LLC, called me recently. She had her heart set on a business name. She told me that a Google search didn't show any conflict.

Seemed perfect, right? Not quite.

Here's why: a company name must be unique, avoiding confusion with other registered businesses in the jurisdiction where it's registered.

I conducted a name search and discovered that her desired name wasn't available in Georgia. She was in a pickle. Plus, as her business extended into Florida, another search was in order.

All that must be considered BEFORE making sure that the name works from a trademark perspective. (No, Google search is not enough to determine that either).

The silver lining? She hadn't yet invested in branding, marketing, or trademark searches.

So, before you take off on your entrepreneurial journey, be sure to nail down a name that's legally rock-solid.

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