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How I help: Startups - Legal Entity Formation

Recently a new client called me to ask about registering a new LLC. She said that she googled her desired name for it, and didn’t find any conflicts. I told her that a Google search might be useful for marketing purposes, but that the business name must meet certain legal requirements as well.

The business name must be unique and not confusingly similar to the name of another business that has already been registered in the state. If it's an LLC, it must include the words “limited liability company” or some abbreviation thereof. If it's a corporation, its name must have the word "Corporation," "Corp." or "Inc." or some variation thereof.

I did a name search and found that the name she liked was not available in Georgia, so she would have to change it or pick another name. Also, since she planned to operate her business in Florida too, we would need to search their database as well.

She was glad that she had not yet spent any money on branding, marketing and trademark searches.

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