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Contract Snakes

In one company I worked for as an in-house lawyer, the sales team didn’t bother to involve the law department. They wrote the sales contracts between the company and the customers.

One year, the company faced 7 disputes involving those deals. 100% of these disputes resulted from the fact that each side had completely different takes on their obligations.

After learning that painful lesson, the sales VP agreed that all contracts must be drafted or reviewed by the company's lawyers.

If your company is in that same boat, you might say that, in your experience, contract disputes are exceedingly rare, so it's not a big risk to worry about.

But I suggest that you think of contracts like a lush grassy meadow... with poisonous snakes hiding in the grass. If you don't know that the snakes are there, you are bound to get bitten eventually. You and your business are just unwitting prey.

I can spot contract snakes and eliminate them before they bite.

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