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Common LLC Myths

Debunking Common LLC Myths:

1️⃣ Myth: "Once registered in State A, I can do business anywhere, no problem!" False: Expanding to State B (or abroad) may require foreign qualifications, impacting name choices and more. Plan ahead!

2️⃣ Myth: "As long as Google doesn't show a conflict, I can pick any business name, right?" False: Uniqueness matters to the Secretary of State and for marketing/trademark purposes. Start with a name search, consider trademarks, and remember, it applies beyond State A.

3️⃣ Myth: "I can open a business account as soon as I pick a name." False: Wait for the Certificate of Organization and get a Federal Tax ID from the IRS. Banks need both, and possibly your LLC operating agreement. Be prepared before you go to the bank.

4️⃣ Myth: "No dedicated office, no need for a license." False: Local rules govern business licenses. Research and handle this once you secure your Certificate of Organization.

Don't let these LLC myths trip you up! Got questions or need guidance? Connect with me today.

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