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Who Has Time to Read the Warranty?

When we buy a car, we expect it to get us from place to place and not break down. If it’s a truck, we might also expect it to have certain towing capacity.

These quality-type expectations are what warranties are all about.

You might remember how Volkswagen made a big deal about their emission standards and then it came out later that they were actively installing software to trick the emissions test. They got into big trouble, not just with their customers for breach of contract but also with the government for making false claims and violating environmental laws.

When I started working with a remodeling/construction company on their standard contract, the lifetime warranty they were offering was much too generous and could come back to haunt them someday. I made sure the warranty language was fair and reasonable, but limited as to time. We also specified certain conditions in which the warranty applies and does not apply.

Warranties can be a great asset to a company, but they can also be a huge liability if they’re not carefully drafted and monitored. Every warranty or other commitment you make to your customers matters.

Do your research and take the time to understand them.

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