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The Termination Clause: Because Some Clients Are Not Worth Having

Scott is a business consultant who got into a bad spot with a client. The client has gone silent, won’t respond to calls or emails and hasn’t paid the last invoice. Scott is not sure what’s wrong exactly but admits that the relationship wasn’t a good fit for a number of reasons.

That’s what the contract termination provision is for. I drafted a letter for Scott’s client that terminated the agreement and demanded payment, and a comprehensive termination provision for him to use in his future contracts which gives Scott flexibility to suspend services or terminate for various reasons.

Most consultants rely on client contracts for business, and a client’s poor communication skills can be really frustrating. If it takes forever to set up a meeting with a client, it just might be a clue that the client may not be a good fit. Be ready to invoke the termination clause.


Life is too short to waste your time on clients who are not worth having.

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