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My journey from Refugee to Business Lawyer

As a refugee to the US, I faced countless challenges in a new country, including living in poverty, overcoming a language barrier and cultural differences. Bullying and the discouragement of being held back in school only made me more determined to push ahead.

When my high school counselor doubted my dream of attending a prestigious university, I channeled my anger into motivation. Against her advice, I applied anyway. To my (and her) surprise, I was not only accepted but admitted a year ahead, bypassing my senior year of high school.

My experience taught me the profound impact of being underestimated, as well as the power of resilience. When others doubt us, it affects our mindset and potential. Underestimation is a form of prejudice that holds individuals back from reaching their full potential.

As a business lawyer, I've seen the harmful effects of underestimation firsthand. I connect deeply with those who have faced similar underestimation and prejudice. I'm passionate about empowering my clients, supporting them in defying limitations, and achieving their goals.

Don't let others dictate your worth, and never underestimate the potential of those around you. Join me in championing confidence, determination, and limitless possibilities.

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