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Making Contracts Look Simple is Really Hard

I recently took on a challenging contract drafting project for a tech startup. My client "Thomas" asked for an operating agreement that not only protected the interests of the company owners, but also reflected the simplicity of their business ethos.


There’s a common misconception about contracts that complexity equals effectiveness. Actually, drafting a contract that appears simple while covering all necessary legal aspects requires a great deal of expertise.


While it may seem tempting to copy and paste from templates, that wasn’t going to work for this client. His specific requirement was to make each clause look easy while ensuring maximum protection.


After I presented Thomas with the draft, he said it exceeded his expectations. His satisfaction was my ultimate reward, knowing that my hard work had paid off.


In a profession where complexity is often glorified, I find fulfillment in the art of contract drafting. For me, the true measure of success is not in showcasing just how difficult it is, but in achieving clarity for my clients.


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