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Fractional General Counsel: The CEO's Secret Weapon

Every business needs a skilled business lawyer on the team, not just to address lawsuits, but to prevent them. Many companies choose to have lawyers in-house for that, but it’s possible to get that benefit without the expense of a full-time employee.

I work with the CEO of a professional services company. Before we started working together, she used a big law firm. She found the lawyers too reactive and the bills unpredictable. She was frustrated with the high turnover of associates assigned to her company.

Now, for a flat monthly fee, I review all of her day-to-day contracts and am available to discuss any legal issues that come up. Because I’ve gained in-depth knowledge of the business, I can spot risks and resolve problems early, helping avoid litigation.

There is a vast difference between the perspectives of an in-house lawyer and one from a big law firm. If you're a CEO looking for a business lawyer who can keep your company protected and your budget intact, let's talk!

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