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How I Help as Fractional General Counsel

Every business needs a skilled business lawyer on the team, not just to address a lawsuit, but to prevent one. Companies usually use in-house lawyers for that, but it’s possible to get that benefit without the expense of a full-time employee.

I work with a professional services company on a monthly basis for a flat fee of $3000 per month. I review all of their supplier and sales contracts, and am available to discuss any legal issues that come up.

My legal advice is both practical and cost-effective. Because I’ve gained in-depth knowledge of their business, I can spot risks and resolve problems early, helping avoid litigation.

CEOs need someone to help recognize legal risks before they escalate. If the big law firm your are using isn’t very proactive, a flat fee monthly service may be a great fit. How many different associates has that law firm assigned to work with you? Some predictability would be nice.

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