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Don't Rush Through a Contract and Risk a Serious Omission

Steve and Nina are former teachers who provide training for teachers. They’ve been focusing on small private schools but are ready to start promoting their methodology nation-wide.

The issue is that some big school systems have an unrealistic expectation that Steve and Nina should guarantee improved test scores.

I drafted a carefully-worded limited warranty provision that said that the services were advisory in nature and that results were not guaranteed. In addition, I added a comprehensive warranty disclaimer to make sure that Steve and Nina would not be accountable for more than the professional services they’re providing.

When reviewing a contract, it’s important to not hurry through the details and risk a serious omission.


It’s ok to take time to finalize a contract – in fact, most clients worth having will be impressed that you take your time to carefully review the contract and will not be offended if you have questions and concerns about it.

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