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When is the time to bring a lawyer into a negotiation?

How do you know when to bring in a lawyer into a negotiation?

The earlier the better.

My client is a chocolatier and is worried about cash flow. He has been discussing a distribution deal with a commercial kitchen, but the discussions quickly got difficult. He asked me if it would save money if the other side drafted the contract so he could negotiate it himself and then have me look over the final version before signing?

Actually, that would be too late. Bringing a business lawyer in the early stage provides the greatest advantage. A businessperson may know what he wants to get out of a deal business-wise, but he probably doesn’t know the best way to write it.

I know what terms matter, and how to write them to protect my client while still being fair and reasonable.

If you're getting ready to move into a new retail space, what concessions are you planning to ask for from the landlord? I can help you figure out what points are worth negotiating.

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