• Tanya S Osensky

Negotiations Tip: Dealing with Emotions (yours)

In my last post, I talked about negotiating a deal with someone who gets emotional.

But what about when emotions get to you? We’re all human and feel passionate about things.

A few years ago, when the other lawyer yelled at me in the middle of a business negotiation, I felt really angry. I wanted to yell back. But I knew that would only set the negotiations back.

In my 25+ year career as an attorney, I have had several learning opportunities when deals have been unsuccessful because emotions and egos got in the way. It’s very important to learn to control your own emotions in a negotiation.

I didn't always know how to keep cool, but I have learned. Now, when I get emotional, my go to strategy is taking a deep breath and a break.

What is your strategy?

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