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My Practical Approach as a Lawyer

I’m a realist. When I come across onerous clauses in a contract, I can't help but think: Is this actually practical in real life?

As a lawyer who worked inside the business for a long time, and now a business owner, I don't get stuck on abstract and theoretical issues. No one wants to pay for hypotheticals.

Recently, a client was presented a contract that seemed laden with complex provisions that didn’t seem to fit the deal. When I asked the other lawyer about some of them, he offered only theoretical scenarios. So I asked my client a simple question: "Will this work for your day-to-day operations?" The answer? It wouldn't.

I focused on cutting through the jargon and ensuring that the deal was not just legally sound, but also practical and efficient.

That's the essence of my approach - contracts should empower, not hinder. It’s not about fancy legalese, it’s about making contracts work in the real world. Let's keep it practical, my friends.

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