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Listening is an underused art form

I recently spoke to a prospective client I’ll call Sarah, and I could sense her frustration. Her company was on the verge of falling apart because she and her partner were no longer seeing eye-to-eye. She was at her wit’s end with him.


"It's like talking to a wall," she complained. "I've tried speaking with my partner, but he does not truly listen. He just nods and then does whatever he wants."


Listening closely, I leaned forward. I wanted Sarah to not only know, but also feel, that I didn’t just hear her words, I understood her concerns, fears and hopes. I told her that her concerns were valid and that I’m here to help her navigate through it. After asking many questions, we developed the strategy for disentangling Sarah from the partnership while protecting her interests.


Today, Sarah is free from the turmoil of her former business partnership. She has a path forward for new business endeavors.


Working with a business attorney is not just a transaction, it’s about understanding the client’s unique situation and finding solutions that fit their needs. The only way to do that is to really listen.

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