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I know it’s only boilerplate…but I like it.

Fine print. Boilerplate. Miscellaneous.

In other words, the provisions at the end of a contract that no one cares about.

Everybody assumes it’s all standardized one-size-fits-all stuff.

Why is it even there? Does it really matter what it says?

Well, truthfully it usually doesn’t. These provisions are secondary to the business deal. They only become important when there’s a dispute.

They may be similar from one contract to another, but it would be a mistake to assume that they’re the same. So, while I don’t spend a lot of time customizing boilerplate provisions, I don’t take them for granted either, because these provisions will govern how a dispute will be resolved, and avoiding disputes is the whole point of a contract.

And with careful craftsmanship, they can be tailored to my client's advantage.

I know it’s only boilerplate…but I like it.

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