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How I Help with Negotiations

Negotiations is not a skill that comes naturally to most of us. But anyone can get better at it.

Many people dislike or are afraid to negotiate contracts, but often have to do it for their job or business.

As a lawyer, I do it all day, but I don't just focus on the legalese. I frequently coach my clients on how to negotiate better business terms in their contracts.

I recently reviewed a contract for a client who wanted to get into a new distribution relationship with a manufacturer. Having seen many of those types of contracts before, I suggested several ideas that he could propose to the manufacturer that would increase his revenue share and improve other commercial terms.

He was thrilled because he hadn't though of these ideas. Our consultation took only about 30 minutes, so his return on investment was huge.

Contracts don't have to induce headaches if you are willing to change your perspective. I can teach you how use a contract as leverage to get what you want.

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