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The Escape Clause

My client was stuck in a contract with a customer that just didn’t work anymore.

She didn’t want to breach it, but she and the customer just couldn’t see eye to eye. They were at an impasse and the contract still had 2 years on it.

I helped negotiate an amicable end of that relationship, but then I also provided her with an early termination provision -- or you might call it an escape clause -- to use for future engagements.

If she ever has a situation like that again, she’ll be able to invoke it and get out of the contract. Yes, it does end a relationship, but that’s better than breaching the contract and dealing with potential litigation.

I take regular vacations whenever I need a break, and sometimes we all need a permanent vacation from a bad situation.

Being exasperated with a client who’s totally unreasonable is a stress that distracts from focusing on growing your business. Give me a call. I can help you escape.

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