• Tanya S Osensky

How I Help: Online Incorporation Services vs. a Lawyer

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

There are two major steps in creating a new legal entity.

The first is the formation of the company, which is the service that I provide by registering the company with the Secretary of State.

The second step is the organization of the company. That step is completed by the owners when they have their initial meeting and sign the organizational documents such as the LLC operating agreement and resolutions. This should be done before conducting any business as a company.

Whenever I form a new legal entity, I advise my clients how to make sure their new entity has all the pieces and parts, so they don’t get caught without a complete entity formation.

Does the online incorporation service that you are considering for your company formation list the name and phone number of the actual lawyer who will be giving you legal advice?

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