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How I Help: day-to-day business contracts

A CFO at a market research company recently told me that their corporate lawyer had resigned, and their outside law firm wasn’t very responsive. He needed a practical business lawyer who would help clear the bottleneck of the day-to-day business contracts, so that the company could realize revenue faster.

That kind of assignment fits me like a glove.

I pride myself on making clients feel like they are my only client, as if their company was big enough to have their own lawyer on staff. That ability comes from over 20 years as in-house counsel, where being unresponsive would be a career-limiting move.

I always strive to respond on the same day, but at least within 1 business day.

Are you a CFO who is the bottleneck for business contracts? How tall is your stack of unapproved contracts? A former in-house counsel for Georgia-Pacific may be a good resource.

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