• Tanya S Osensky

Help for the CFO

For many business owners, contracts are boring, confusing, unfortunately necessary and convoluted hurdles that get in the way of doing what they want.

For me, a contract is a word puzzle. Selecting the right words and putting them in the right places will accomplish the objectives of both parties while protecting my client’s interests.

Many attorneys put their focus on legal provisions like indemnity and warranty, but the International Association for Contract Management reports that the vast majority of contract litigation is about business terms like scope, payment, delivery and change management. That’s why my first step is to fully understand the scope and my client’s goals for the deal.

The business whose every relationship requires a contract needs a corporate lawyer with a practical approach.

Is your CFO holding up five big sales deals because she won’t hurry through the review? Ask her how many extra hours she worked last week on legal matters. I can help take that work off her plate.

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