• Tanya S Osensky

Got a Commercial Lease? It's probably time to renegotiate.

Last month I helped my client get a 2 months’ rent abatement, reduce rent by 50% for another 2 months, plus defer it until next year.

As we all know, commercial real estate is in the midst of a great transformation as a result of COVID. Many retail and office tenants are closing permanently, while others are shifting or rethinking their future space needs. Whereas lease renewal time is always a good time to renegotiate a lease, that’s never been truer than right now.

A commercial lease is likely to be one of the longest, most complex and one-sided contracts a business owner will ever see. In today’s market, leases are more negotiable than ever. Smart business owners usually hire the right experts to help. These experts typically include a commercial real estate agent and a business attorney like me. The agent can help find the best space and negotiate financial perks and savings up front; I help reduce risk and save money down the road.

A typical retail or office lease is 50+ pages long. Many of my clients say that just reading it gives them a huge headache. But none of them ever saw this epidemic coming when they signed their original lease.

Business owners have big problems to worry about right now, and a respite from rent just might help save the business. I'd love to help. tanya@osenskylaw.com or 404.369.5126.

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