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How I Help: Renegotiating a Commercial Lease

Last month I helped my client Tamara get a 2 months’ rent abatement, reduce rent by 50% for another 2 months, plus defer it until next year.

Lease renewal time is always a good time to renegotiate a lease, and depending on the market, the lease might be more negotiable than ever.

Tamara’s retail lease is 50 pages long and just reading it gives her a huge headache. A commercial lease is likely to be one of the longest, most complex and one-sided contracts a business owner will ever see. Smart business owners usually hire the right experts to help. These experts typically include a commercial real estate agent and a business attorney like me.

The agent can help find the best space and negotiate financial perks and savings up front; I help reduce risk and save money down the road. Plus, I know which terms are worth negotiating.

If you signed your office or retail lease before 2020, did you ever see a pandemic coming when you originally signed it?

Things have changed. So should your lease.

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