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Effective. Practical. Experienced.

Let's talk about your business, your vision, your goals.


  • Need a contract? Something that protects your interests while being fair and reasonable. Check.

  • Starting a new business? You want a new corporation or LLC set up ... the right way. Check.

  • Growing your business? You want practical and effective legal advice that won't slow you down. Check.

  • Buying an existing business? You've got to know what you're getting into. Check.

  • Selling your business? That exit strategy you worked so hard for - make sure it actually comes true. Check.

Got questions? Get in touch here or call 404.369.5126.


Your CFO will love it.

Huge help to my start-up! Knowledgeable, responsive, thorough.

When I launched my design & communications firm Red Berry, Tanya Osensky was my first call for legal services. I needed to incorporate and to compose a sturdy client contract in easy-to-read English. Fifteen years later, I am still using the contract she wrote! Tanya is always insightful, concise, and very willing to answer my questions. She holds herself to the highest level of integrity. And she has my full confidence in handling legal matters. I enthusiastically recommend her services.

- Terri Fuller

President, Red Berry Creative

The perfect skill and the perfect price for small business owners.


Tanya is the epitome of effective, practical, and experienced. As a small business owner, I have found her guidance invaluable, her pricing more than reasonable, and her professionalism above top-notch. In fact, I now refer her services to my clients and she has become my go-to resource for anything related to business and contract law. I would recommend Tanya without hesitation.

- Natasha Ganem, PhD

President, Lion Leadership, LLC

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Tanya Osensky


Tanya Osensky is a results-oriented, proactive and skilled business attorney. She not only recognizes legal risks, but also knows how to intelligently manage them. Tanya brings solutions that create business value. She takes the time to understand each client’s business and works with the client to develop and execute business strategies while reducing risk and legal liability.


With over 20 years as in-house corporate counsel, Tanya has a proven track record of successfully solving complex legal, compliance and ethical issues.


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