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Effective. Practical. Experienced.

Let's talk about your business, your vision, your goals.


  • Need a contract? Something that protects your interests while being fair and reasonable. Check.

  • Starting a new business? You want a new corporation or LLC set up ... the right way. Check.

  • Growing your business? You want practical and effective legal advice that won't slow you down. Check.

  • Buying an existing business? You've got to know what you're getting into. Check.

  • Selling your business? That exit strategy you worked so hard for - make sure it actually comes true. Check.

Got questions? Get in touch here or call 404.369.5126.


Your CFO will love it.

A Great Partner!

Thank you for your support during the sale of my company! I appreciate your patience with me during this stressful time. I've been so fortunate to have you working with me, I couldn't have made it without you. 


I hope to spend more time making pottery in my retirement.

-  Geri Hand

President, Lagniappe Resources, Inc.

Made a Real Difference.


Tanya, thank you for your support, patience, and expertise. Our team absolutely raved about your help. You have been such a pleasure to work with and we can't thank you enough. Your work has made a real difference in helping us manage risk as we put new services in place.

- Michele Wiesner, Director

Hire Heroes USA

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